Mr. R

On Thursday evening, before I left office, a few of my colleagues including R were talking about the upcoming transformation of MII and the various insurance qualifications available and some industry jokes… everybody had a good laugh.

On Friday evening, whilst rushing some reports, suddenly I saw The Other RL ran like mad from his place towards the door. Then a few minutes later, PTB informed me that R collapsed and SL and The Other RL were sending him to hospital. Then later the whole office was talking about the incident. What happened to R?

Some said he quarreled with his mentor and suddenly got a heart attack. He was so pale and… Before I left office that evening, Dr. C informed that the hospital performed an angiogram.

On Saturday morning, SC informed that R passed away. Reconfirmed that with KWC.

R passed away at IJN on Saturday morning.

Such a tragic demise of a colleague. We just went for buka puasa dinner at Marriott the other day…

I guess we should not take the pressure given by senior/mentor/management lightly. It could cost us our lives.

Treat your colleagues better. Afterall we are all just making a living. Work is just work. Why must there be beef ? One day, one us may not be around anymore… in a matter of less than 24 hours. Fate brought us to work in the same company and became colleagues.

R is now at a better place. May his soul rest in peace.


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