Chronicles of Bubu G: Sixth month

He’s already 6 months but in actual term he’s just about 4 months old. Anyway, he’s healthier than many other 6 months old babies. Now at time of writing, he weighs about 8 kilo and growing. He’s wearing clothes for 18-24 months old. He started to cry for “a mie”.. he’s plays with his legs and feet. Now he prefers to sit up straight rather … Continue reading Chronicles of Bubu G: Sixth month


Before we could get over with the demise of Mr. R, another incident rocked the office yesterday. A fellow colleague, SDP was involved in a road accident on Monday at about 7.00 a.m. and sustained heavy injury. The accident occurred on the notorious Federal Highway while she was traveling home to Klang from KL. According to a reliable source, she was apparently seated on the … Continue reading MVA

Mr. R

On Thursday evening, before I left office, a few of my colleagues including R were talking about the upcoming transformation of MII and the various insurance qualifications available and some industry jokes… everybody had a good laugh. On Friday evening, whilst rushing some reports, suddenly I saw The Other RL ran like mad from his place towards the door. Then a few minutes later, PTB … Continue reading Mr. R