The excavators race dream

I had a dream this morning. I was in a race or perhaps being chased by a bunch of excavators.. one of which was equipped with a vibro hammer. There were 2-3 excavators – Hitachi, Komatsu and Sumitomo … chasing me in.. I was trying to avoid being struck by the vibro hammer on that Komatsu (PC410-5 ??).. by swerving left and right. I was in my trusted Myvi doing more than 100 km/h in a place that looks like a construction site but with readily gravel track like those in a WRC rally race. I remembered I was negotiating a sharp hairpin bend on that gravel track and my Myvi was as if equipped with a 4WD suspension and traction control.

The weird thing was those excavators on track linkbelts were also speeding at more than 100 km/h charging at my car with their arms trying to struck my Myvi.

Then suddenly I came to this building that resemble Plaza Indonesia shopping mall in Jakarta. Yeah, that high end shopping mall. I was driving in the mall looking for a place to hide from those evil excavators..

Then I woke up abruptly and when I opened my eyes, I saw Bubu was right next to me on the bed.. crying.

My lil Bubu saved me from those evil construction machines.

I think too many excavator surveys lately are taking its toll.


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