Chronicles of Bubu G: 4-2 months

Today marks the 4th month of Bubu. He’s a strong lil boy. He’s always smiling when I’m around and even without fail pretends to be crying making all sorts of noise to get me carry him. Cheeky eh.

In actual term, he is only 2 months old but at the rate he is growing, Doc said he’s on the term baby chart now. He’s too fat for a premie. Yay. We will continue pump him with Enfalac A+. Is there any better formula milk out there?

This morning he’s got a bit of cold and been sneezing. Maybe he’s just like me with allergic nose or sinus perhaps.

Nowadays he is playing with his saliva a lot. The glands started to produce saliva to prepare him for solids I’d guess. Yesterday while playing with him, I blowed a big bubble and he imitated me. Although the bubble he produced with his saliva is not as big nevertheless he picked up what he just saw.

Man, that’s another milestone.


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