Spending time with little Bubu on the weekend is so nice. It was daddy’s day yesterday… but to me everyday is daddy’s day. Every weekend is daddy’s and mummy’s day.

Anyway, being a daddy, I don’t mind going extra mile to provide everything for Bubu.. although the only thing I dread is going home every Friday. Once we reach the basement parking, I gotta carry the bouncer, bathtub, my bag, mummy’s laptop bag, laundry bag, diaper bag (sometimes Szer will carry it..hehe) and groceries. Gotta park the car and walk for about 168 meters to the lift. Then gotta open the door etc… bla bla bla..

But I’m proud to do that.. proud of having Bubu for the weekend. Weekend is the bonding time.

Happy Daddy’s Day to all the daddys…