Quite a number of people asked of my son… how is he? , how heavy is he? , what’s his name??.

For those Cinnabeng, the moment I told them his name is Lucas…. guess what happened ?!

Many of them replied “oh , Nicholas Tse’ son is also called Lucas !”. I was like what the fuck you Ah Bengs… Who the fuck cares what’s his son’s name?

I didn’t name my son after that jock’s son. In the first place, I don’t even fucking know his son is called Lucas. Let me make this fucking clear. Perhaps he named his son after reading the Chronicles of Bubu G posts on my blog.

What about George Lucas? How can these people forget him for he is the one who gave Star Wars to us?! Why don’t they think that I named my son Lucas because I love Star Wars?

F !! Idiots.

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