Abode for Bubu VI

Here’s the backyard. True to it’s name… our backyard is a denai. This will be a nice party area… BBQ area. Jogging track on the left. There are benches next to the track. Bubu and his mummy can learn cycling there.. hehe. But then… I can see there is a security concern… especially there are still ongoing constructions around the township… not to discriminate anyone … Continue reading Abode for Bubu VI

Chronicles of Bubu G: Daddy’s Day Special

Spending time with little Bubu on the weekend is so nice. It was daddy’s day yesterday… but to me everyday is daddy’s day. Every weekend is daddy’s and mummy’s day. Anyway, being a daddy, I don’t mind going extra mile to provide everything for Bubu.. although the only thing I dread is going home every Friday. Once we reach the basement parking, I gotta carry … Continue reading Chronicles of Bubu G: Daddy’s Day Special


Quite a number of people asked of my son… how is he? , how heavy is he? , what’s his name??. For those Cinnabeng, the moment I told them his name is Lucas…. guess what happened ?! Many of them replied “oh , Nicholas Tse’ son is also called Lucas !”. I was like what the fuck you Ah Bengs… Who the fuck cares what’s … Continue reading Lucas