English school

We read in newspaper almost every other day on the issue with the level of English literacy in this country. At the end of the day, it all boils down to the education policy.

After more than half a century of independence, there’s still not everyone can converse properly in the national language, Bahasa Malaysia.

Everyone knows that English is important. The Education Minister, the Prime Minister, educationists and even the man on the street knows it is important. Since we cannot change the fact that vernacular schools are here to stay due to political reasons as long as the ruling gomen Ms. Bee Anne still in power, why can’t we just have yet another school-medium option that is English ?? 

The Education Minister even said if we have an English medium school it will be against the law. What the fuck??!! Many laws had been amended by the gomen to their benefit over the years and yet they can’t even change this law (whatever fuck law that prohibits English medium school) to enable English schools to be set up.

Fore sure something gotta starts somewhere.. if the current teachers are not capable of teaching in English when they themselves are not conversant… we just gotta start small. Start with the available English-conversant teachers in some schools and train the next upcoming generation.

With the ruling party Ms. Bee Anne still relying heavily on race-based politics, we will not see the day when there’s only one national school medium. We can’t even get everyone to speak the same language, how the fuck racial integration can go smoothly? The Chinese are fighting to

The fuckers in the education department even rubbished Prof. Khoo Khay Kim’s recommendation to have only one school medium, which I strongly support.

We can foresee the doom of the ruling party Ms. Bee Anne if they shoot themselves on their feet by abolishing by force vernacular schools and go for single medium school. We all know, politicians are just plain selfish.



  1. Can anyone recommend me a good English School? I have heard that there is much more English schools abroad than in England it self? I gues that English language is truly an international language.

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