Abode for Bubu

The purchase of a lifetime just materialised and the documents are being exchanged. We’re getting a crib for Bubu. in a few months time, we gonna get the keys. Yay !

After seeing quite a number of houses in that township, I finally found a nice one and one that we liked. It’s walking distance to Mun Choon (B.S) as well as Hooi Hoon’s new crib (same taman). I like the area as it is a well planned township and there’s a lot of room for future development. The house designs are very modern and contemporary… very 2010s. With a Sime Darby property, I don’t think I will go wrong.

It’s a landed property. We just gotta get a landed house as the current house is way too small for Bubu. Furthermore, as my MIL would be helping us to look after Bubu, it is timely to get the house so that they can stay with us and we don’t need to take Bubu to and from SIL’s place everyday. Also we can have Bubu in our own home everyday and I can play with him every night before he goes to bed.

That sounds like fun.

But another Booklet is on the way. So, we gotta look into the arrangements.

Anyway, we gotta sort out the house first. Moving from an eagle’s nest (not pigeon hole), we gotta buy a lot of furnitures, electrical fittings and renovations before the house is liveable. There’ll be a hole in pockets but it’ll be money well spent.

DA, here we come.

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