Chronicles of Bubu G: My cute son

Bubu is getting bigger by the day… everyday when I come back from work, seeing him would make me forget the shit at work temporarily. He’s been at MIL’s place for about 2 weeks coz he was feeling a bit unwell. He had a cold.. then cough… then yesterday fever. I myself had the same too this week. Geez. Germs had been passed around within the extended family.

I guess it’s normal for baby to get sick at times. He drinks a lot of milk. A can of 850g milk would last slightly more than a week. No wonder he a bit chubby these days. Hehe. Being a dad, you’d ensure your son gets the best and I think milk shall not be compromised if one can afford.

Very soon he will not be able to fit into S sized diapers anymore. It’s wrapping his big dick and he’s not very comfortable.

With another baby coming within the extended family, I think there’s quite a number of stuff I gotta buy (no more hands me down).. especially a stroller. Apart from work, my Szer and I have not been going out for quite sometime. Apart from Giza mall, I don’t think we’ve been anywhere far.

Daddy and mummy love Bubu.


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