Protesting on the proposed Tropicana International School

This morning a group of concerned residents in the the Tropicana, PJ area held a picket protest on the proposed Tropicana International School to be built on a piece of land in front of Casa Tropicana Condominium traffic light.

Residents from the various communities around here – Tropicana TR, Riana Green Condo, Casa Tropicana, Avenue 23 etc….. all assembled near the land where it was proposed to build the unwanted international school that doesn’t serve the majority of residents here… Malaysian residents I mean. There’s already an international school in the nearby Kota Damansara…why is there a need to build another one?? The SJK (C) Damansara opposite of Riana Green Condo already created a lot of traffic mess but at least that school is catering to the needs of Malaysians.

How many Malaysians send their children to international school? 

The developer should think of building more access road and other amenities i.e. playground parks which the area is seriously lacking. There are no additional access road to this area. Worse still, the road in front of that old Sony building  is now a one way road. Then, there are office blocks and 3 high-density condominiums in the making and yet there are no sign of road expansion to cater for the forseeable influx of inhabitants and traffic.

What kind of crap developer is this? No representative of Dijaya was present during the picket.


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