Indian barber vs. Chinese hairstylist

I could not remember when was the last time I went to an Indian barber. Probably since I left school more than a decade ago…

I went for a haircut the other day and noted that these barber also evolved, now catching up with “quick-cut” trend – having vacuum machine and ultraviolet oven. The only thing that remains is of course the “shadowless finger” cut (one hand combing your hair the other hand playing with the scissor repetitively).

Even the hallmark back massage is now replaced with machine massage. They use a device that vibrates (not the vibrator in the shape of a dick) and rub it around your back and shoulder. Something like your polishing a car. No more of that old school back massage and head-twisting which we all loved.

The haircut is quite nice and I don’t look like an “ah beng”. These days, if you go to a quickcut shop which is mostly operated by Chinese, you tend to get ah beng haircut where long hair in front to cover your forehead and short hair behind. I always asked them to cut away the long hair and the hair stylist often obliged eventhough I know deep down in his heart he was reluctant to do so as I’m challenging his “artistic work”…

Maybe I’ll propose to the barber a loyalty program. Five haircuts free one haircut.

Btw, why these Indian haircutters are called barber while the Chinese ahbengs/lians haircutter are called hair stylist?


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