The low self-esteemed DBKL (City Hall of Kuala Lumpur) traffic warden

This is the story of my encounter with a Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (Kuala Lumpur City Hall) traffic warden. A traffic warden is someone who gives summon for traffic offences and man the traffic during congestion in the city of Kuala Lumpur. Their jurisdiction is confined to Kuala Lumpur only. They think they are police, they act like a traffic police, they try to look like a traffic police, they try to sound (talk) like a traffic police….. BUT THEY ARE NOT A FUCKING TRAFFIC POLICE.

Ok, last Friday, I was going to work in the morning. It was about a8.55 am, the traffic light in front of Tune Hotel, Maju Junction and Uni.Asia General Insurance building downtown KL was green, everyone was moving past the traffic light. I was on middle lane.

Suddenly, right before I get out of the yellow box line, the traffic stopped. Light was still green. I was the only car still in box. Then the fucker came out of nowhere waving at me pointing the left lane. I wanted to go the right lane way, so I proceeded to the right lane. Middle lane stopped, jammed. Left and right lane got space for me to move in.

So, I thought that fucker was asking me to move into any lane (left/right) so that I don’t block the traffic from other direction. I went into the right lane and 2-3 car spaces further I stopped due to the traffic jam. So I was sitting in the car, when the fucker came on bike (apparently he was chasing me), he knock my window asking me for license and IC. He said he saw me in yellow box and when he asked me to pullover I ran away.

That’s when I got mad. if I want to run away will I choose a traffic jammed road ???? I thought he was manning the traffic and was asking me to move when he appeared out of nowhere and pointed the left lane to me. He said I looked down (pandang hina) on him in DBKL uniform. Had I been stopped by a traffic police, I would’ve stopped and won’t even dare to run away. This is the first time I see a uniformed man felt so disgraced by their own uniform. Geez. They are a real disgrace to the uniformed profession.

He cannot stand people looking down on him and he is even fucking looking down on his ownself and therefore vented out on me, gave me the tiket (saman) by hook or by crook without listening to my reason. I asked for his name and he said he wrote his service number on the ticket, so I dont need his name. Anyway, these fuckers are like police, think they are police but actually they are not and just a traffic warden. He has a name tag with service number and it was nicely hid behind his shoulder belt. They hid it on purpose.

Fuck. Now another bunch of low life joined the traffic police on the road. I went to DBKL today and lodged a complaint. I gotta fix an appointment with the Mayor’s personal assistant to meet the Mayor. I will do it tomorrow. Check the saman amount and it is only compounded to RM150 from RM300. Fuck wei.


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