Chronicles of Bubu G – Confinement lady

We engaged the services of a confinement lady through an agent. As Bubu arrived 7 weeks ahead of schedule, the lady that was supposed to work for us is current on job for another family. The moment I admitted Szer to hospital, I informed the agent to get a lady to standby. The agent was shocked and the arrangement gone haywire. Luckily she found this lady for us – Ah Peng (peace) cheh. Her contact number is [number witheld] (new number). *edited*

In case you call her to engage her, tell her I referred you. I’m Lucas Yeong Mun Lik’s daddy.

She is very skillful of her craft, cooks good food than can put Mr. Yan (can cook?) to shame. Bubu is in good hands for his first month as my son. I think it was fated. Bubu is having a good life.

She cooks for my wife, of course, the lady who is confined…. and also cooks for me and herself. Not to mention, many thanks to my mother inlaw who brought a lot of fresh foodstuff for Aunty Peng to cook for us.

Aunty Peng is a bit of an OCD but its beneficial to us and especially Bubu. She keeps the things tidy. Just like Szer, another OCD freak. Hehe. She is very cin cai and doesn’t demand much of everything despite us staying in a small house and at times a bit inconvenient as I love sitting on the throne for hours.

She is highly recommended. Call her direct and don’t use an gent for it will be dearer.

You can also read my wife’s take on the confinement lady here:


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