Stop Lynas, Save Malaysia. LANYAK LYNAS !!

I don’t know whats the purpose of rare earth plant, what is the product of rare earth plant or what benefit does a rare earth plant has for the country.

The only thing I know it’s radioactive and it poses danger to our citizens’ health. That is enough to demand the fucking gomen to scrap the project of the plant.

The Malaysian gomen did not make things transparent about the project details… did it pass the IAEA safety audit? Did it pass the WHO health and safety regulations? When the Stupid Fella said it is scientifically safe and ok, did he quote who gave him the scientific evidence? Maybe a professor from Curtin University said it’s safe.Their marketing strategy worked, by giving a piece of paper called honorary doctorate that cost not more than AUD$ 100.00 (inclusive of all printing cost, paper cost, ink cost, embossing cost, plastic seal stamp cost, signatory’s fee/salary, lamination costs, transportation cost etc), I’m taking a very generous figure here, they managed to reach a target of say 75% of Malaysians to etch “Curtin University” in their head. The viral phenomenon that automatically generated thereafter is not taken into account yet. Even Dr. Philip Kotler didn’t thought of that.

Another question is, why Lynas needs to build such plant to process rare earth waste in Malaysia when Australia is filthy rich with landmass real estate? Of course Malaysians are very very pleased to welcome FDI but we are not that greedy until accept any FDI that will jeopardise our health and well being. Maybe rare earth is not as radioactive as Fukushima, but the fact alone that it is radioactive is enough to put every sane Malaysian to have a perception it is dangerous and this would definitely affects our psychological wellbeing.. and it may lead to other illnesses such as psychological disturbances and perhaps heart diseases due to fear and stress in our subconscious mind. Even developed country like Germany is decommissioning all radioactive facilities in their country.

So far, the Australian government has not make any public comment at all (not that I know of) about this national furore that got millions of sane Malaysian to protest the hanky-panky Lynas rare earth plant project on our beloved Malaysian soil. I’m sure a you don’t just get a mere honorary doctorate from an Australian university, I’m sure there must be more to this Lynas deal.

There is not enough transparency on the part of Malaysian gomen on this project. Why must we give a chunk of our land to Australia to dump their radioactive mining waste when they have so much more unused land than our Peninsular Malaysia?? Will the buried radioactive waste turn into yellow gold after certain amount of years?

Why??????????????? Why the fuck, mate? Why the fuck, Ah Jib? Kenapa?

*just in case you don’t know who is Namewee, he is a renown King of Controversy in Malaysia. Artist, movie director, singer, rapper, activist…


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