Chronicles of Bubu G: Namesake 杨文力

There are two masters who I’d tried to refer to for Bubu’s Chinese name. One came back and told be that according to her teacher’s master, one bigtime monk from Taiwan, that since we as parents would be calling him his English name Lucas and we may not call him much using his Chinese name, it doesn’t make much sense to delve too much on the name… getting the correct suitable name and with correct penstrokes etc. she also said that the teacher’s master said a name is about frequency. The more we call him using a given name, the energy of the name will resonate into him. So, unless I gonna call him on his chinese name, its better we nurture the correct attitude when he is growing up than to delve too much on just the name and hoping he’d become something of his name. She also told me I should follow my “instinct” and go ahead and give him whatever name I want.

If a person is born into a good and lucky life, he is already blessed and the name does not make much difference. Is it Even if there’s ten people with the exact same name, not everyone’s life and fate are the same.

The other master is away overseas and I could not wait for him to come back as I’m free today and went to the very-little-people National Registration Department (JPN Seputeh) in Endah Parade (Carrefour), Sri Petaling.

His Chinese name is:

It’s common, simple and easy to write but its a very strong and powerful name to suit his dragonic fate and destiny.

According to an online dictionary:

yang : surname, poplar
wen : language; culture; writing; formal; literary; gentle
li : power; force; strength

Of course I was never fond of Mandarin sound and therefore his name is written and pronounced in Cantonese as Yeong Mun Lik. I’m a Hakka. If I were to called him in Hakka… Yarng Moon Likk ?? Oh no. Better not.

Now, even his banana daddy and mummy can write his name blindfolded. Yay. My 7-starred son.


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