Chronicles of Bubu G: The First Days

Being a new father ain’t easy. I’ve been going up and down, to and fro hospital. Luckily MIL helped a lot in buying stuffs for Szer’s confinement period. And the stupid cough I’m experiencing is making it worse. I’ve put down some weight after a few days since Szer was admitted to hospital..

Bubu is a premature baby. He’s early by about 6-7 weeks….but he is the heaviest among the preemies in the nursery. I went and bought cap and mittens for Bubu and asked for the smallest size available for preemie. The lady asked me how much roughly the baby weighs. She was surprised when I told her 2.24kg. She was like “wow, so big ah ?!”.

Suddenly there’s a small baby in your care and responsibility, it feels like the shoulder is getting heavier regardless of whether he’s 2.24 kg or 2.24 ton. As a daddy, it has certainly enriched my life and there comes another new chapter of life. It is spiritually enriching. You will feel you want to give the best to the child, play with him, buy him toys, want him to be happy, see them grow up, spoil them… the list goes on.

The baby and mummy are not home yet and preparing for the homecoming is rather fun. You’ll feel very energetic to set up things for the baby… ie. setting up the cot, diaper table, clean up the house (thought still need help from MIL and Rota, SIL’s the domestic helper who is also a mom) and buying essential stuffs for the kid.

Suddenly I feel so energetic and then ended up overtiring myself. What to do? No choice.

Then came the inevitable task. Naming the child. This is the job of a father, not anyone else. I may have already chosen the name for the baby but, like all other kiasu parents, would like to cross-check with professional fengshui masters to calculate suitable name with suitable penstrokes against Bubu’s time and bazi. Chinese believe that giving the son a good suitable name will determine his future destiny. By the way, Szer’s friend Agnes, told us that her Taiwanese fengshui sifu said Bubu was born on he first day of the Tibetan New Year (Losar) and His Holiness The Dalai Lama and monks were chanting mantras that day. She said Bubu is so blessed. Maybe Bubu’s strong will can enable him to carry strong names like “lung” (dragon).

Bubu is very strong-willed that he is very active even in the incubator. He can scream and cry his lungs out. His fingers are somewhat long and perhaps someday he might be a prolific pianist like Arthur Rubinstein. Que sera sera. his legs are getting stronger and he can simulate cycling in the incubator. Once he is cuddled by mummy, he’ll stop all his antics and go straight into deep sleep.. poor boy been longing to sleep in mummy’s tender hand after few days alone in incubator. At least he peeked a daddy and mummy first before entering sleep mode.

He’s undergoing photo therapy for jaundice. Hope everything will be fine. Is there yet a vaccine that can cure mankind of jaundice ? I will donate to such research if one is ongoing. It’s just a bit heart wrenching to see a baby being subjected to UV light at such tender age.

Bubu is progressing rapidly. So far so good. Hopefully tomorrow we all can go home where there are toys that daddy bought, waiting for him to play. We are very grateful to all those who are supporting us especially MIL who cooks and bring food for us to eat at hospital and prepared the various confinement stuffs.

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