I just realised that I sit a lot in a day.

After waking up every morning, I’ll sit on the throne for big business before shower. After that, I would sit at the dining table for breakfast. Then I would sit in the car driving to work. Sitting in a traffic jam is very likely. When I reach office, I’ll be sitting in front of the computer tapping on the keyboard doing reports. If there’s no new assignment, I’ll be in the office, sitting at my desk.

Then when lunch time comes, I’ll be sitting in a restaurant with colleagues. After lunch, work continues at the desk. I’ll be sitting till 5-6pm. In between, maybe going to the toilet and coffee machine will have me walking for a while.

At about 6pm, when I leave the office, I’ll be sitting in a traffic jam. This will take at least 1 hour before reaching home. By the time I reach dinner place, it will be dinner time and straight I go and sit at the dining table. After dinner, I’ll spend sometime reading The Star newspaper. Again I’ll be sitting on the sofa. Then I’ll drive home (sitting in the car). Once home, I’ll be sitting on the throne for the evening business. Magazine or The Sun newspaper will be read while sitting on the throne.

After business and shower, I’ll sit on the sofa in front of the idiot box…or sometimes in front of the laptop computer surfing Internet. Sometimes, read something on the sofa.

Then off I go to bed. Maybe I should do some sit-ups before bedtime.

Maybe it’s time to read newspaper standing. Watch TV standing.


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