Gross negligence in medical practice

Last week a colleague told me over lunch that his wife just delivered their second baby last week at PPUM. It was a Caesarean operation. Then he recounted the horror of the wound bleeding after the delivery was over and gotta buy 2 packs of blood to replenish. He then discharged his wife and admitted her to Taman Desa Hospital to address the problem with the poor wound-stitching job.

Then I told him of my experience with PPUM few years ago when I had the life changing accident that broke my jaw and teeth. That stupid incompetent Dr. Quack medical officer, after cursory check and despite having perused the XRay scan, he told me I was ok to go home. My jaw was hanging and I couldn’t even move my jaw and he said I was ok.. I could not talk properly or else I would’ve gave him a profanity lesson. After a bit of a commotion at the emergency ward, then came a saviour in the form of Dr. Ha Kien Oon. I revered him as a dentistry maestro. With just a glance at the X-ray film and a bit of touching on my jaw, he said this is kinda serious. That idiot dr. Quack was embarrassed and slipped away unnoticed. Even the Head/Dean of the Dentistry Faculty met me to apologise for the medical negligence of that dr.quack.

So, many people say government /semi-government hospitals are not good but to me, it just depends on your luck. Of course there are many doctors who start their career at these hospitals and they may not have much experience. Once they gained much experience, many would’ve move to private hospitals which are much more lucrative. But there are some good ones who stayed back to teach, train, research and very much practice at the same place. It’s just that we tend to hear more of these medical negligence stories on govt./semi govt. hospitals but that does not mean private hospitals are free from such incidents. Maybe they are just covered up.

Guess my colleague just gotta make a professional indemnity claim for medical negligent.

Btw, in this post I’m in no intention of tarnishing the reputation of PPUM or any other government or government-linked medical institutions.


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