Third decade

I think I have stayed in the same job for far too long and the sudden change makes me feel relaxed. Well, the workload in the new department is heavier as I can see on the faces of my new department mates. I don’t have that much work yet but that doesn’t mean I will be spared. Politics aside, people in the non-motor are far more independent and opinionated than the previous department. I’m saying this very frankly and there’s nothing to be afraid to be talked about. Here, people are more progressive and you can see people strive to better their career. I’m not saying there aren’t such people in the old department but there are more over here now. Most of the people in the old dept are in their comfort zone and I was one of them before. I’ve been telling MC to go and take up insurance studies if he is going to stay in this field.

Its good to see competition because that’s the only away to propel forward.

Learning and starting all over again (not literally from scratch but the learning curve is there) is so far so good. With years of experience on motor, picking up non-motor is somewhat easier than from afresh. Hopefully could be able to master the art of loss adjusting is this few years. Thinking of taking up loss adjusting professional studies. Hmm… but thats not so soon. Still got a few more CII papers to complete first. Just gotta take it slowly. Adjusting to the work culture in hand is more important now. How many 10 years do we have in life?

With Bubu G coming soon, hopefully I can find time to juggle for family and studies+career so that I can give my baby son a stainless steel / bronze if not silver or gold spoon when he is born. Trying my best looking for a decent house and environment for my boy to grow up and have a great childhood. A comfortable life is all I want. I don’t need a Lamborghini or Ferrari. They are for jocks.



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