Shopping for baby’s essential stuffs

Being a first time parent, I’m damn excited. Of course I know of the commitments I need to address but the shopping part was fun. You would want to provide the best for your kid if you could afford it and I will look into ways to afford it.

Spent the whole day at shopping malls – Ikano and 1Utama buying stuff for little Bubu G. There are just so much thing to buy and selecting clothes alone can take up half a day.

Am looking for a good baby cot which is of industrial strength and can withstand the five elements – fire, water, wind, earth and wood. Where can I get such a cot? Graco’s Travel Contour cot seems to be value for money but can it’s matress provide a good sleeping posture for the baby?? The plastic frame looks kinda flimsy. But the good thing is that it comes with a playpen and a diaper-changing panel. 3 in 1. And it’s foldable and can be carried for out station travel.

Milk. What brand is the best ? Scandinavian brands or Down Under? According to Ng’s mom, she’d recommend or prefer Scandinavian due to their scrupulous business practice. that true? China brands are obviously NO.

Toys, for early years, if possible, please get the baby toys of better quality as they may be putting the stuff in their mouth and you don’t want colours to fade and dirty the mouth and stain their tongue.

Whoa, too much to read up about buying essential stuff chapter alone in the parenting bible.


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