The wind of change blow straight into the face of mine..

The change I’ve been telling myself to make, came to me today. I’m finally reaping what I sow. The time, effort and money I put in for professional development are finally paying off.. handsomely.

I know I’m someone who would procrastinate and had been telling myself to make change in my work environment. Change department or change company. I’d admit that it had been ongoing for sometime but I have not really take the one step out of my comfort zone. It is time The Lord came and give me a tight slap on my face, waking me up.

To cut the long story short, my boss asked for me to be transferred to the non-motor department immediately he was made aware of my study achievement. Maybe my salary was too high to remain in the motor department. Anyway, I’ve decided to move over maybe around next year but never thought it would be so soon. He wanted it to be tomorrow. WTF. But after justifying to him that I still have outstanding work to finish, he settled and next Monday is the day I start over there.

My wife reminded me the story that i told her of the person, a colleague who once told me that there is no point to study insurance courses as you never know you’ll stay long enough in this company let alone industry. Gosh, I didn’t even remember that and now she reminded me, I’m having the last laugh. I can proudly say.. in another word, boast, that quite a number of eyebrows were raised when I submitted my transcript to the HR.

Three out of the four “heavenly kings” were surprised but delighted of the news and the rest is history. All this years in motor loss adjusting would never go to waste. The boss, in his psycho’ing session with me this afternoon, told me that to build a better career, the next is to go non-motor. The usual shit that I already know… from what I can sum up, the gist of the whole session is that it’s uneconomical for me to remain in motor department. Well, I can say the intrinsic satisfaction in the form of recognition will go a long way even after the balance sheet hit negative.

This all may sound like a big fat boast but this is my fooking blog, so what’s your problem now?! Bagi chance lah.



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