The Apple inside Steve

The first Apple experience I had was at primary school. That time I was maybe about 8-9 years old. The computer class started with a few Apple II and Macintosh computers. We learned BASIC programming then. Then when the invasion began, Intel-MS Dos PC invasion that is, everyone were so excited. The game Karateka that was available on PC was a treat for us if we finish our work. Everyone just loved Karateka.

From there, many of us defected to the other camp, the Intel-M$ cartel.

Back then, only the priviledged few could afford Apple computers. There onwards, Apple computers were just another expensive boxy beige personal computer….until the iMac came around 1997/98. That was the start of Apple coming back to our lives.

Everyone were so crazy about Apple and I always wanted to own one since the iMac… although I have been saving to buy one till now. Gosh. The first Apple product I owned was the iPod Nano. It really revolutionised the way we listen to music. Walkman? Discman? So dinosaur….

Fast forward to early this year, I bought the iPhone 4 after seeing the success of iPhone 3 and 3S. My colleague JK and BIL Alvyn were somewhat the culprit, infecting me with the Apple virus. When bonus was announced, I signed-up DiGi plan rightaway just for the iPhone. Did I regret? Yes and no. DiGi line sucks but for the phone, no choice lah. Stuck with the carrier for 2 years.

Just when you almost got enough of iPhone, the iPad came along. Not long after that, the iPad 2 I bought online for my wife arrived from Shenzen.

And here today, the architect, visionary, designer and innovator of all these gadgets that changed our life for the better has passed on. Many of us may not know him personally but to me the iPhone that he brought to us is something so useful and handy in all kinds of situation. Of course thirdparty software developers also played a major role, the Appstore idea that is the brainchild of Mr. Jobs has made it so revolutionary and changed the landscape of software as well as music business.

The BSD-based iOS that runs the iPhone and iPad is considered robust as compared to other mobile OS. The decision to derived their OS from BSD-based Darwin kernel had always been a wise decision.

So, RIP to Steve Jobs the legend. May his soul rest in peace. Let’s hope his successor Tim Cook would do some magic and churn out better innovative products.


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