The wind of change blow straight into the face of mine..

The change I’ve been telling myself to make, came to me today. I’m finally reaping what I sow. The time, effort and money I put in for professional development are finally paying off.. handsomely. I know I’m someone who would procrastinate and had been telling myself to make change in my work environment. Change department or change company. I’d admit that it had been ongoing … Continue reading The wind of change blow straight into the face of mine..

Road directions in Malaysia

Went to Big Bad Wolf Book Sale yesterday. It was crazy and there’s tons of books. Very cheap. I want to talk about roadsigns today especially those in Puchong-Cyberjaya-Putrajaya. They have the worst roadsigns in Malaysia despite being the federal government stronghold. Going to Cyberjaya always end up having to make a big detour. If you missed one junction or turning, you’re fucked. You gotta … Continue reading Road directions in Malaysia

Associateship II

The CEO and a director congratulated me today for my attainment of the Associateship which comes with AMII alphabets to be used in namecards. AMII is the professional “passport” to a better career in Malaysian insurance industry. I don’t know, they seemed a bit shocked but delighted.. that someone from my department achieved the qualification. I don’t care… I’m waiting for them to sign the papers … Continue reading Associateship II

Untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 ! You read it right!

Wow… the much anticipated Apple iOS 5 was released this morning.. am downloading it… hopefully the firmware update on my iPhone 4 can be done in less than an hour from now. Also read somewhere online that untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 is already underway…. and the jailbreak firmware beta version codenamed “Yellow Snow” released somewhere. I’ve yet to get hold of it. The official Apple firmware update is … Continue reading Untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 ! You read it right!