Lamborghini Gallardo SE : Burnt case

The burnt Lamborghini Gallardo SE that we saw in newspapers recently…. is now in a workshop somewhere in Subang Jaya. I was talking with Mun Choon about it this afternoon over lunch, wondering who is the insurer and if our company will be assigned to assess the loss.

I tell you man… how I wished striking 4D or lottery could be that easy. Soon after we returned to office after lunch, one of our managers received the assignment to survey that very green Lamborghini Gallardo and so much coincidence, from the very insurer which I’m assisting him to coordinate.

Hence the case is assigned to me. Hopefully there won’t be too much work like the two Porsches – 997T and Cayman that I’ve surveyed which were assigned by the same insurer. The sad fact is that we cannot bill them that much for the scope of work we are going to carry out.

So, for the mean time, go read the news here:-

1 .



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