Of Daddy, Papa and Appa

Ok, by the time you read this I am very sure I have told the world that I’m going to be a dad next year. I don’t care already. Good news meant to be shared.

Bubu G is conceived and is due next year. Enough said about it. That post a few weeks a go..A raspberry was formed’ was actually a hint-dropping post to my readers. As I was not allowed to tell anyone not even my closest family members…wtf. Well, I should respect my wife and respected I did. So now I’m finally allowed to break the news to the world. I’m happy for I’m going to be a Daddy. Not Papa or Appa. I’m gonna be a Daddy soon….

My wife’s been asking me what would you want the kid to call you? Daddy of course. She then asked ” why not Papa ? “. I replied ” I like lah !! “. Daddy or Dada. Period.

I call my father Daddy. My kid gotta call me Daddy. I don’t want it to be like Aaron’s case where he calls his father Papa and his grandfather Daddy as my wife and her sisters call their father Daddy. Aaron was so confused at that point of time. He was like ” why can’t I follow what my mom calls this grey-haired guy??!! Why “.

Happy days, and also uncertainties all lie ahead. So, why can’t we just be happy? How many 10 years are there in a lifetime?


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