Looking for a crib is not an easy one especially with limited budget. These days cribs don’t come cheap in Klang Valley and especially landed properties. No matter what, in order to build a family, this is something every man and wife has got to do… to find a suitable crib to cater to the expanding family within budget. If a suitable crib is a bit out of the budget, try cut corners elsewhere… trim down on eating out, avoid unnecessary gadget purchases, travels, stop buying pirated DVDs, switch to media player to watch movies, don’t drink too much, don’t smoke too much (don’t at all)…. and many more ways to do so. We as parents just gotta rough it out.

Planning must be done to ensure a nice and comfortable home, conducive neighbourhood and environment for the future juniors to grow up and most of all, to have a childhood. A right neighbourhood is very important as you do not want them to grow up in some rough areas and mix with the wrong company.

I’ve found a nice place which I’m eyeing to buy. Hopefully the agent could perform some magic and the price can be ok’ed.


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