Que sera with an exception

Que sera, sera… whatever will be, will be….. yeah right. Not anymore, mind you. That phrase is so old skool and archaic.

The hate against the royal police force.. traffic police to be precise.. is getting deeper. I was stopped at a road block the day before yesterday in Puchong. That fucking police.. an indian guy or perhaps mamak.. demanded to see my wallet when I handed him my travel documents and a sheet of red paper. He said that is not enough at all and demanded to see my wallet. He even have the audacity to say if there are no more sheets of paper, he will let me off. He also asked me not to waste time… as it was very hot and challenged me to come out of the car to feel the heat.

He accused me of crossing a line which I should not have crossed near a junction. Bollocks.

Of course I was so calm as I know how to handle these bastards and I know my rights. Furthermore it was a very very hot mid day and the sun was so scorching even my underwear was drenched with my sweat in-car with aircond in full blast. I admit begging him for a chance by giving lame excuses such as I don’t know the area well as I don’t live there… etc. He kept telling me Ops Sikap is still in operation (I found out that nite, that day was the last day) and the summonses are all 300 bucks. No discount or appeal. I told him I dont have anymore sheets of paper and if he’s not satisfied with a sheet of red paper…he can issue me a summon. What choice do I have?

He was so crossed he threw my documents and the paper back into my car and they fell onto the floorcarpet. He shouted at me to get out of his sight at once. He also yelled “waste of time !”. There were 3 cars after me that were waiting for their turn to be served the summonses.

So moral of the lesson, always don’t challenge them immediately and don’t offer mint to them rightaway. Waste their time and test their patience. Act inferior to them and beg if you must. Ask them if they have proof of your wrongdoing.

Back to the que sera thing. I won’t advise and or endorse any hopeful and right minded person to join those uniformed bastards in my lifetime. They are a disgrace to the nation. If my kid ask me what should they be in the future…I’ll definitely tell them without even the need to think, they can be anyone, of any lawful profession EXCEPT traffic police in Malaysia.

They are so thick-faced that they are not shy at all to ask for more… Pepsi. Real pundek.


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