Lamborghini Gallardo SE : Burnt case

The burnt Lamborghini Gallardo SE that we saw in newspapers recently…. is now in a workshop somewhere in Subang Jaya. I was talking with Mun Choon about it this afternoon over lunch, wondering who is the insurer and if our company will be assigned to assess the loss. I tell you man… how I wished striking 4D or lottery could be that easy. Soon after … Continue reading Lamborghini Gallardo SE : Burnt case


How many of you buy undies as frequent as like buying shirts or pants? The reason is that buying undies require art. The art of imagining you are wearing it…how comfortable it would be and will it be too tight, will it be too loose etc. This post seems rather dull and uninteresting but the topic is too important to be not discussed. As we … Continue reading Undies