Do it the Malaysian way

There are a lot of foreigners staying at the condo where I live. There is a huge middle eastern community here and I think many of them are Iranians. Quite a number of them are students at nearby colleges – SEGI and KBU.

Ok. I’m not being racist here but there is one thing I observed and hate about these people is that they would stand in the middle of the road (of which is meant for vehicles) and hog the road. Even with a fast approaching car, they’d continue with their affairs on the road until you stop you car or honk at them. They think as if they can do whatever they want and the driver has to give way to them or at least wait a while. Like what Patrick Teoh (of Teohlogy fame) said, “Niamah!!”.

I don’t know if this is their culture or what… but heck, you’re in Malaysia, do what Malaysian do…. make way for an approaching vehicle or risk your life.

Selamat Hari Merdeka dan Hari Raya dan Hari Malaysia.


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