He said I’m thinking too much…

My profession (loss adjusting) requires me to imagine scenarios and how accidents or losses may have occurred. We are the front line in detecting fraud and above all else, investigate the legitimacy of the claim and consistency of the circumstances reported. The way the fella told me the other day that I was thinking too much in my work…. really angered me.

Being a superior, he dared to say that I am thinking too much and too “investigative” that I am wasting too much time and not complying to the benchmark and deadline. I should just make do with whatever documents submitted and just issue the report and save the investigation for another day and that depends whether the insurer find any element of fraud in the report. Fuyoh. Have to wait for the insurer to let you know what you should do in the first place.

Well, I rather be out of compliance than letting go of a fraud case without pursuing any investigation to satisfy my own benchmark. Statistics is just for the papers. Fraud fighting is the long term continuous effort.

F you AM. Being an AM, not only you failed to show us guidance and ways to tackle these obstacles in our work, you also gave us the impression that you are an idiot not worthy of our respect.

Go rot in hell.

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