What if you die suddenly?

The recent events in Japan made me ponder what if we die suddenly and our digital presence will be there like that as it is forever… especially if your next of kin doesn’t know the username & password to log into your Facebook to announce that you’re gone forever.

Just like this blog of mine, where I need to pay yearly for domain hosting, if I just vanish one day, the entire blog will be erased and taken out of internet when the account is not renewed come expiry date. The advantage of using own dot.com is that you get a better page rank on search engines as compared to free blog provider like Blogspot (eventhough it’s under the Google umbrella), WordPress etc. Looks like I need to port my blog back to Blogspot to store it for eternity. I can do double-posting on both endroog.com and Blogspot. In case I vanish, endroog.com will erase itself and Blogspot may remain for as long as Google is in business… hmm….

Will Mark Zuckerberg create a function on Facebook for a specified next of kin to log into an account to activate a status i.e. “Deceased” and which will then trigger another function or “ritual” to assign “a burial plot number”  to the profile which would be the first thing you see when you load a profile page. well, maybe you should appoint a relative staying faraway to do this, in case of a catastrophe in the same geographical area, you next of kin which normally would be your spouse, might also be gone along with you.

Then in the Facebook Virtual Cemetery (an offshoot of Facebook), when a name is put in or plot number, you can access the profile page of your deceased friend. You can also browse the “cemetery” from plot No.1 whatever number it is… and you may find a long lost friend dead.  In your home page of your friends, your death announcement will be updated just like any other by-the-second updates.

I think this is something we need to address just like what you in the “real world” by writing a will, transfer titles of your properties to your loved ones, setting up a trust etc…..

Take a look at this website:



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