Uncle Doc

My wife always tell me that a lot of funny things happened to me… every now and then. Hmm… and thats very strange. Recently I was in a dilemma to whether or not enroll in the class which my ex-uncle (what constitute ex-uncle is for you to find out) would be teaching.

The system at the institution where I’m taking my professional qualification, is a bit shitty where the subjects I wanted to take is not happening due to lack of headcount to hold a class. As this would my last class-based paper, I have no choice but to enroll in this class…which of course confirmed to having classes.

The dilemma was not on whether he is a good lecturer or not and or whether I should take this subject but solely on personal family matters that took place some years ago. Having said that, I was actually not directly involved in it but nevertheless did help in someway in the process leading to the incident. I was afraid to be in an unpleasant situation seeing him and it even crossed my mind that he would take things personally like discriminating my assignment coursemarks. Luckily, that did not seems to be happening and he seems to be very professional.

As he is legally my ex-uncle now, whatever happened had happened and there’s no point to talk about it anymore. Let the past be gone and look forward to a new relationship with this Uncle Doc teacher.

He’s a good a lecturer and education has always been his passion, as what he told me many years ago. I even attended his convocation for his doctorate. After attending few of his classes now, I find he is really a nice and good lecturer. A lot of my classmates and ex-classmates also said good things about him.

To tell the truth, I had been avoiding his class, I mean I tried not to enroll for his class previously….as I had other options but this time round, I have no option but to enroll in his class for my last paper. This is the only class available to me. How ironic?! I really believe things happen for a reason.

Well, it turned out to be a worthwhile decision. Hopefully with his guidance, I can achieve my studies goal.


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