Phuket trip

What a nice holiday destination is all I could say about this place. Warm and friendly people. Cheap food and massage. Ladies in bikinis & guys in swimming trunks even in the shopping mall.

Talking about shopping mall, Jungceylon is comparable with The Curve. The environment there is livelier all because of the crowd which is more crazy than in Malaysia. Haha.

We stayed at Hemingway’s Hotel in Patong. A nice and cheap hotel in walking distance to Jungceylon. Room is clean and modern interior design. Aircond is powerful. Toilet is super-clean. Their in-house restaurant offers good Thai and Western food at a reasonable price.

There’s this pasar malam every evening at Baan Market which is just right opposite of Jungceylon. Local streetfood that is cheap and tasty made the experience even more memorable. A big fat sweetcorn cost only 200 baht. Otak-otak nuggets also cost only 200 baht for about 8 pieces.

For those of you who are into musical show, the Fanta Sea is something you should not miss. The place is a theme park, fun fair, carnival, shopping bazaar and theater all in one place. Children would love this place. There’s an option of show+buffet dinner which cost about 3000 baht or just the show only which is about 1500 baht. The buffet hall boast to be the hall of its kind the world. There’s elephant ride available.

Phi Phi island should not be missed and the island hopping excursion is a must for all visitors to Phuket. Thats where the fun is…. snorkeling, boat ride, swimming….

Its a nice place and would love to go again.

By the way, Bangla Street is a big thing in Patong Beach. It is the nightlife of Patong Beach.


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