Wow.. . good business for loss adjusters in many regions and places hit by catastrophic natural disasters. As more and more large weather-related losses occur in a short period of time…  I think the loss adjusting profession is making a lot money. Maybe it is time for me to move into another class of insurance. Having said that, I need to make it clear that … Continue reading Cat-losses

Uncle Doc

My wife always tell me that a lot of funny things happened to me… every now and then. Hmm… and thats very strange. Recently I was in a dilemma to whether or not enroll in the class which my ex-uncle (what constitute ex-uncle is for you to find out) would be teaching. The system at the institution where I’m taking my professional qualification, is a … Continue reading Uncle Doc

Phuket trip

What a nice holiday destination is all I could say about this place. Warm and friendly people. Cheap food and massage. Ladies in bikinis & guys in swimming trunks even in the shopping mall. Talking about shopping mall, Jungceylon is comparable with The Curve. The environment there is livelier all because of the crowd which is more crazy than in Malaysia. Haha. We stayed at … Continue reading Phuket trip