Thirtieth birdday

I had in a way celebrated my thirtieth birdday since last Sunday till today. Had some great meals in Ipoh over the weekend and yesterday my wife treated me to an icecream at Baskin Robins….where I blew some candles on it.

This morning I had a wonder meal of Village Park nasi lemak (where else?). Sometimes, the simplest meals are the best. A simple bak kut teh, nasi lemak, or even prawn mee is enough to make a person happy. Forget those pricey japanese food or french food etc thats full of jargons in their often complicated menu.

Been looking back on what I have achieved in these thirty years…. well, as JH Wong put it, a milestone. To some of you, being in this stage and station of life may not qualify one to say much about life but to me I have indeed achieved some goals in its own right (which I will only keep it to myself and my lovely wife)… and the best thing is, some goals are in the pipeline.

Sometimes I wonder, why certain things happened? Things happen for a reason and I really believe it. What goes around, comes around. Life is a collection of experience we go through everyday.

I think Keiko-san was right.


One comment

  1. milestones are set by ourselves, and we should never let people set the bar for yourself. be happy and proud of every achievement, big or small. and pls remember what keiko san said!

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