Courtesy when borrowing stuff

Many a time people borrowed stuffs from me and some of them are so shitty that they took me for granted and only take action when I asked them when are they going to return the stuff they borrowed.

Recently someone borrowed a jacket from me to attend a dinner. Being someone in the close circle of friend, I lent my jacket to him knowing that he would take good care of the jacket. But then when I asked him (a week before  CNY) when is he going to return back the jacket to me, he dared to ask if there will be any friends gathering and “will you come and visit me at my house this new year?” (so that I can take my jacket).

Hello…. you borrowed the jacket from me and you want me to go to your house (in hometown) to collect it? And also organising a gathering with friends during the busy weeks right before CNY (everyone’s busy preparing for CNY) so that you and I can attend and you can return the jacket to me?

This is not at all what I call courtesy. I’m not staying that far away and you could at least fix a meetup near my house in Kota Damansara/Sunway Giza for a meal and you can pass the jacket to me. You need to have a meal anyway, right. I just don’t like to remind people to return stuff they borrowed but at times like this, where it is not good and auspicious to owe people money/stuff in the new year… it leaves me with no choice.

Can’t you at least  just arrange something to my convenience to collect the stuff from you?

Haiya… next time have to think twice when lending stuff to other people. Not to say I’m selfish but people may not be courteous at all.

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