Money stolen on gambling table

Its the time of the year again. CNY is just next week and would like to update my blog for this auspicious season. We had our department annual dinner yesterday at Hakka Restaurant in downtown KL. We booked two tables and were put in a room.

As usual when all men get together for this kind of occasion, booze ciggies and gambling goes hand in hand. To cut the long story short, That Fucker stole my RM10 note betting money on the table while I turned around to chat with another colleague who was standing behind me and was playing Angry Bird on my new iPhone. I had a RM10 note put as bet and another RM10 note underneath the cup. I was winning RM10 at that time.

We were playing Black Jack 21 and while waiting for my turn to draw cards, I turned around and chatted with my colleague. Then when it comes to my turn, I turned back to the table only to see my RM10 bet money is missing. I shouted who took my money and made a fuss out of it. The guys thought the money may have flew away. One fella asked if I had put it in my pocket or wallet. No… none of these happen. Another fella even funnier, “endroo, just take it as the money for the table”. Here he meant that the table may have “taken” / “swallowed” the money as a fee for using the table.

Then I stopped playing immediately and watched everyone who had an interest on the table. Of course I saw That Fucker trying to conceal an RM10 note underneath his stack of RM1 notes. His eyes and his head movement confirmed that he was terrified when he noticed that RM10 bill was revealed a bit underneath the stack of RM1 notes. So happened at the same time, he was asked by the banker to pay for losing that round. He took 2 of his RM1 notes, handed it to the banker and then CAREFULLY spread the RM1 notes to cover the RM10 he STOLE from me.

Come on lah, I’m a loss adjuster and I think from my few years of experience, I think I’m in the position to say that I can interpret his body language and some other indicators that we often look while talking to people to see if there’s any“prawns hiding behind the noodles”. I intentionally walked away to grab a glass of Green Labe, knowingly who is The Fucker.

We I got back to the table, standing opposite The Fucker, I noticed his stack of money had been removed from the table and left with only a few RM1 notes. Confirmed. I was right. Thats The Fucker.

So I shouted in showing my angst and made a curse that the person who took the money will not be able to have a child. I was so mad and lost my temper. BUT THEN, after taking a few mouthful of booze and was calmed a bit, I was able to think properly and “hey, isn’t he been paying for it already?”

Therefore, to come to think of it, I didn’t lose any money. I was winning RM10. He stole it and I still break-even. Looks like we cannot be greedy or else we might pay more. Hence I let go and take it as a charity donation to a financially challenged person, my colleague, The Fucker.

So, the moral of the story is you must always pay attention to the gambling table because someone’s hand my just hover over your bet money and take it away. The art of a con man.


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