He cycled

I had a dream…again. This time… Ng was missing. We were in a place that resembled Pulau Ketam. I dont know what happened…. Wong, Kok Ming and I were looking high and low for Ng…

We cycled all over the place and we finally found Ng in a small shop… selling souvenirs. He was manning the shop with a business partner, a specky girl… he told us she was one of his uni/college mate.

When Ng saw us, he was so delighted and welcomed us to his shop. We were still standing by our mountain bikes. We were laughing and smiling.. and was chilling out, feeling so glad we finally found Ng.

Then suddenly Wong asked.. “Eh, Kok Ming, since when you can cycle?”. Then everyone paused and stopped talking and looked at Kok Ming. Then everyone including Kok Ming laughed and laughed and laughed…

Then I woke up… laughing. hahahahaa. Kok Ming was cycling…in my dream.


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