Lifetime achievement

It is the 1st week anniversary of my wedding last Saturday.

I’m happily enjoying married life. So far, life has been ok for me… as we grow older we realise things happened for a reason and I sometime do believe in karma… eventhough I’ m a Catholic. You just a have to be good to others and good thing will come your way… I hope.

So, the wedding went well but not without some mismanagement. I almost forgot the flower bouquet and my mom ran all the way down shouting at the about-to-depart heng tai entourage. Then halfway along the journey, my mom called and told that we forgot to bring the gift basket and few bottles of wine and orange juice.

The games/obstacle were easy peasy and I got some really good friends to lick wasabi and eat chillies for you…although I licked some wasabi too off my best friends’ cheek and neck. I think I can to the stunts myself except for the ginger munching…. which I considered it a feat. Gosh..I consumed a year’s amount of ginger according to my normal rate.

As the game progressed… you will realise that any problem that can be solved with money is NOT a problem. Haha.. easy to be said. Then come the tea ceremony and this is where we serve tea to the elders as a respect. This is the main event in chinese wedding the world over.

The dinner was at Grand Imperial Restaurant, Bangsar Shopping Centre. The venue is nice, easy to find and convenient for many people especially my boss who stays nearby. The walk-in song was Jim Sturgess rendition of Beatle’s All My Loving. Aaron was crying just when the lights were out and we were about to walk in. Book Sr. whipped out a lollipop and Aaron’s laughing the next thing we saw.

Shaun, my wife’s cousin from NZ was the emcee. He speaks with a heavy NZ accent which irked some people in the audience but to us it was just fun and original. Food was presented the conventional way minus the conventional song like Kitaro’s Matsuri etc… ours is The Beatle’s All You Need is Love.

It is that song whose lyric is so simple yet powerful and meaningful, we came about doing things with heart full of love. And thats when I took to the stage with a speech that many called it a “great speech”.

That night I was drunk and I forgot what happened on the way home.

The second dinner at Top Hat Restaurant, KL (a colonial bungalow turned restaurant) was nice and it is something new for me and some of my friends as I have never attended a western-styled wedding reception and this is my own reception. Friends loved it and enjoyed themselves….thats what counts. The kids enjoyed themselves too with Kyra joining us to shout yaammmmsseeennngggg at every table. Managed to get a few outdoor photo shots by Peter Tan Photography.

That day coincided with my parent in-law’s 43rd wedding anniversary and my dad in-law gave a speech that touched the hearts of many young couples in the audience. As usual, my sisters in-law wept tears of joy…cry babies…

My parent, granny, cousin and brother enjoyed themselves. My mom loves the place.

So.. everything went well… and I achieved a milestone in life for marrying my beloved wife. I have in a way, a changed man because of her. Seriously, things happened for a reason. Now I have someone to take care of me and vice versa. Just don’t know when Joginder will be arriving. Ha.

Thank you, folks.


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