Lore of the rings

Yesterday I was in a conversation with a senior colleague when I was extending the wedding invitation to him. Well, like all men usually advise the younger generation… this one was somewhat mind-boggling.

AP: Woah..getting married already.
G: Yeah man. Thats why I’m over here at your place to “summon” you.
AP: Oh ok. Thank you. By the way, are you sure you want to get married? Really sure?
G: I’m technically married. I signed it last year.
AP: Oh ok then. Welcome to the club. You’ll get another ring for it soon.
G: Ring?
AP: Yeah. First, the engagement ring. Then the wedding ring. Later you get the suffering.
G: Woah…(gulp) ok. Thats a good piece of advice I’d guess.
AP: Thats not the end. There’s another ring. Its boring… and thats when things go messy.
G: Oh… I’ll remember all that rings. I’ve got work to do. Talk to you later. You’d better be early for the dinner.
So my friends… there are the four rings to matrimony as phrased by my wise colleague.


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