My wife’s delicious bak kut teh

Dinner was great today. My wife cooked bak kut teh. There’s nothing better than a superb simple home-cooked meal. You not gonna believe this… Kayu mamak nasi kandar fragrant white rice for just a mere RM1.50 really goes well with bak kut teh. The aroma of banana leaf, karuppuleh leaves and ghee…. its better than yam rice, butter/greasy rice or the normal plain white rice.

1 packet of Claypot brand bak kut teh stock, 1 clove of garlic, 8 pieces of tong kuai.

Lots of coriander, mushrooms (golden needle, shitake and buttons), garlic, wolfberries, and pork ribs (put in spare parts, and other fat pork for your preference), taufu pok.

1 pot of hot jasmine tea (a must).


Thanks Szer !!