Wifey’s yummy bak kut teh

Dinner was great today. My wife cooked bak kut teh. There’s nothing better than a superb simple home-cooked meal. You not gonna believe this… Kayu mamak nasi kandar fragrant white rice for just a mere RM1.50 really goes well with bak kut teh. The aroma of banana leaf, karuppuleh leaves and ghee…. its better than yam rice, butter/greasy rice or the normal plain white rice. … Continue reading Wifey’s yummy bak kut teh

Celcom BlackBerry Torch 9800 is finally here !!

This new smartphone boasts an optical trackpad, 3.2” touchscreen and a portrait-oriented slide-out QWERTY keyboard that made up its unique form factor. Whats more important are the operating system (OS) and browser which had been revamped and redesigned  to appeal to a wider demographics and market segments which put more emphasis on the increasingly popular social medias. Celcom, the #1 provider of BlackBerry phones in … Continue reading Celcom BlackBerry Torch 9800 is finally here !!


Today an idiot called and complained that he has to bear Rm2200+ for the 16.7% underinsurance proportion on his collision repair motor claim. Well, he is not the first one…but I face these people every now and then. Ok, the bugger today told that he purchased the insurance directly from the insurer’s customer service department. He claimed that he doesn’t know the value of his … Continue reading Underinsured


VSS is the buzzword for the past one or two weeks in..where else..the office. A particular select group of people or department will be affected by the strategic decision. I’m not going into details about this. When a department is going to be closed due to low profitability…one can ponder where to redeploy these innocent dedicated staff who work to make ends meet. Maybe retrenchment … Continue reading VSS

Cancelled the credit card

Credit cards are nuisance and should be managed properly or else you risk going bankrupt. The central bank should be more proactive in regulating these banks that are giving away cards relentlessly at shopping malls. Imposing the RM50 annual service charge is one thing…the central bank should also set a stricter rule for card application. Some banks would use irresponsible tactics to dupe customers to … Continue reading Cancelled the credit card