Merapi erupted

A few days ago Mount Merapi erupted and spewed ashes and other volcanic discharge blanketing the nearby villages and even Borobudur was not spared. There are loss of lives and injuries to the people caught unprepared. To think of the incident, I’m feeling thankful that I went there a little bit earlier…. two months ago. Eventhough Szer and I experienced an earthquake scare while enjoying … Continue reading Merapi erupted


I don’t know what was the reason. Well… I finally got a corporate email account after working in this company for eight fucking years. I always wonder what is the reason that my fellow colleagues in the department are not given emails…. the typists have emails, receptionist have emails and everyone have emails EXCEPT the despatch boys and Us. WHY ? why? Continue reading Webmail

Switch on your lights in indoor carpark

So many time I almost involve in accident in carparks. I just wonder why people don’t switch on their car headlamps. Headlamps are safety features of the car and apart from lighting the also serves as a safety device to warn other vehicles of the presence of your car. Some people would think that headlamps can only be switched on at night when its … Continue reading Switch on your lights in indoor carpark