Suit and pants and shirt

Haha.. this is the first time in my entire life getting a tailored pair of suit. It certainly cost me an A-bomb and to think of it… I think I will rarely use it after my wedding. Hmm…

The culture is as such where we don’t really need to have a pair of suit for most of our day-to-day functions/events and professional life. The scorching tropical weather is another factor. I am thinking why did I spent that amount of money for the suit which I collected just a few hours ago, which I may not be using after the wedding. Why?

Well, renting it may not promise you a good measurement fit and the price is almost the same as getting a tailored one. Hence, why not a pay a few dollars more of your hard earned cash for a brand new suit. There are many things needed for a wedding that you my not use after the wedding. But a wedding, being one of the most memorable day in your life, is a once-in-a-lifetime (unless you marry twice or a few more times) event and why not spend your life savings, break the credit card or overdraft limits, loan from ahlong and enjoy being a royal couple for a day…just for the heck of it.

Just worry about the debts after the wedding and you’ll live your singlehood a lil’ bit merrier.

PS: Ok… I will use the suit when attending my friends’ wedding dinner in this few years (hopefully) before I grow fatter and have to pack the suit and keep it under the bed to collect dust for the rest of my life. Thank god its not a Zegna-ware or Dunhill-ware.


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