7 iron

Been going to the driving range with my dad in law. Today is the second time at the range and I’m quite happy that I managed to get a few shots that were straight and with the ideal impact sound when the club touches the ball. The sport is addictive and I dare say… i’m a bit addicted as I’m seeing myself hitting some balls … Continue reading 7 iron

Pudu Jail becoming a jailhotel

The iconic prison in the heart of KL was demolished yesterday. Another historical building that was built in 1891 by our then colonial master, Pudu Jail had been around for almost as long as Kuala Lumpur. I even read it somewhere that there were wardens with surname of “Fish”, “Currie” and “Rice”. Haha… they serve fish curry and rice in the prison. I would really … Continue reading Pudu Jail becoming a jailhotel

Doraemon shrunk the jet engines. Period.

Everyone’s been watching football and may have not heard news of some jet engines that were stolen from an air base here in Bolehwood and were found somewhere in South America. They have the alleged thief, a sergeant in the airforce in detention and interrogation is ongoing at an “UNTHINKABLE” setting. Have anyonne watched that movie starring Samuel L. Jackson?? Imagine a sergeant who may … Continue reading Doraemon shrunk the jet engines. Period.