Anyone was in Kepong the day before yesterday during the evening rush hour? I was from Batang Kali heading home in PJ via MRR2 Kepong. Fuck… it was jammed like hell. It took me almost 40 minutes on that stretch of MRR2 from the Batu Caves roundabout to Kepong Metropolitan Park.

Once I approached the traffic light underneath the flyover at Taman Daya, I saw two traffic policemen chatting while sitting on their motorbikes. I was like fuck… why cant they take out a map and look at the situation to try ease the fucking traffic jam. The jam could be resulting from problem in one of the nearby roads.

I was trying to detour. All main roads in Kepong were gridlocked. MRR2 flyover (the cracked bridge), FRIM-Taman Ehsan, Taman Kepong Indah…. everywhere. Then I make detour on Jalan FRIM-Taman Ehsan and there again I saw another two policemen standing beside their motorbike chatting away while another colleague directing the traffic.

In one word, the traffic police force is useless. They should study the reasons of traffic jams arising in one area and try to find ways to manage or curb it by deploying personnels at every busy crossroads or junctions to control traffic during rush hour.

Instead they choose to sit and waste time chatting while watching other motorists sit in the jam for hours. Mark this space. I will take a photo if I see this happen again. Curse them.