Macau is a very nice place to visit because it is quite a modern place and there are many UNESCO listed heritage places to visit. We covered almost 80-90% of the must-see places on foot. We walked and walked into almost every corners and streets. Macau is not that big and one can practically walk from the east to the west in a matter of 2 hours…. non-stop. The weatheris not that hot as compared to Malaysia… around 22-24 degree Celcius. Most of the local people wears a jacket/sweater at any given time which I don’t understand. Ok…maybe because I walked and I felt hot but…… actually it is the airconditioning in shops/buildings which are very cold (ranging around 14-16 degree Celsius) that made the surrounding cold. And the shops dont have doors and cold air will be flowing out of the premises to the open air outside. I wonder why the people are pretending to be like in a cold country… their energy consumption carbon footprint must be very very high.

There are tons of churches and temples to see. Road signs are in chinese and portuguese…. somehow I wonder if the people really can speak/read portuguese. Our first welcome in Macau is the taxi driver at the airport. We hopped onto the taxi and showed him the email with our hotel booking and the address. He quickly replied he don’t read English. Oh shit… we dont read chinese either… so we calmed down and try to recall what the name of the hotel Ole London in chinese… “Lon ton chau tim, ng kuoi lah, hai ko koh San San chau tim kat lei”. The driver immediately nodded and replied he knows where’s the place. Once at the hotel reception, we quickly took some namecards of the hotel just in case we need to take a taxi again.

So the next few days were spent walking… going to all the UNESCO Heritage sites like Ruins of St Paul, Senado Square, Guia Fortress, Lou Kau Mansion, A-Ma Temple, Penha Church, Mong Ha Fortress, Lou Lim Ioc Garden, Dr. Sun Yat Sen Memorial Centre, Church of St. Lawrence, Jesuitas and the list goes on….the modern places such as Fisherman’s Wharf, Macau Tower etc… at night, we went visiting casinos…Grand Lisboa, MGM Grand, Venetian, Wynn, Sands etc… we did not gamble a single cent…we just go and see most of the big casinos… Grand Lisboa being the grandaddy of them all.

Eating is part of traveling and to enhance the cultural experience of a place. Forget all those traditional performances, folk dances etc…. eating is like heaven. One important note is that Portuguese food in Macau is for scaredy cat…. Malaccan portuguese food is anytime way better (think Portuguese grill fish/ikan bakar)… our ikan kembung (suk yi) is better than bacalhau. The African chicken I had there is like chicken curry (or maybe I was conned). Isn’t it supposed to be like Nando’s peri-peri chicken? However, their wanton mee, suikau mee is superb. Their porridge (congee) is good but to have it for breakfast is a bit out of place but thats the norm in Macau. When you’re in Rome, do like what the Romans do..

Shopping here is also nice… clothes are cheap due to the close proximity to China… rejected original Levi’s jeans are goin for about RM60.00…. the best thing to buy here is  jacket. You will regret if you don’t get a sweater or jacket in Macau. I wanted to buy shoes… but am afraid that it could be immitations.

So, overall… Macau is worth going – for the historical sites, churches, food, gambling, shopping… 4 days is sufficient to cover most of Macau. I’ll do Hong Kong in the near future.

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