Bumiputra price for wedding invitation cards printing ????

I was at Tropicana City Mall last Sunday to watch The Wolfman starring Anthony Hopkins and Benicio Del Toro. I’m not doing a movie review here ok.

So, after the movie, me and my Szer went walking around window shopping. Then we came this printing shop called “e-Print” or something. As usual, there will be samples where we can browse through there vast collection of cards ranging from those less than a ringgit to more than 10 ringgit. They have an album for Chinese-themed cards and another one for Malay-themed cards.

I notice that some of the cards are the same, I mean the size, colour and dimension. The differences are the wordings, embossed decorative patterns and of course the price. A plain metallic yellow-gold colour chinese-themed card with just a gold wedding logo the size of 20 sen (without any embossed floral decorative pattern) cost RM1.60 while a malay-themed card of the similar size, colour and dimension and with a slight difference that is the decorated words of “Jemputan Perkahwinan” in gold…. and it cost only RM1.00 !!

I was shocked and asked the malay lady manning the kiosk and she said malay-themed cards are usually cheaper. She just smiled knowing that I cornered her to say it out that the malay-themed card is cheaper. I would have created a fuss there and ask her to tell the reason if not for Szer asking me to go off.

What the fuck? The only difference between the two card is that the chinese card has a logo and the malay card has the words….. no decorative patterns emboss whatsoever.

What the fuck?



  1. yeah… I will go the again to take photos…. and update this post. Geez… the next time any of you wanted to print wedding cards…beware of all these wankers..

    Compare the cards of different theme.

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