I had a nightmare the other day… in the morning. My wife and I were at a holiday resort or island of some sort. We can lookout to the sea from a high cliff and there are fences on the edge. Then the was a bench for people to sit and we were taking photos.

Then, we’re back in our hotel/apartment on a high rise building and we’re on the either 3-5 floors and there’s a balcony that we can lookout to the sea some 500-1000 metres away. I was taking photos of my wife with his back to the balcony. I was trying to photograph the sea as the background. Click…click.. chik chak…

Suddenly, I was shocked seeing a huge tidal wave heading towards the beach… “Szer… look !!”, I shouted pointing at the balcony. She was shocked too… but there’s no way to run. Thus we hugged and telling how much we love eash other… and all that kind of thing. When the waves hit…… luckily i doesn’t reach up to our floor. I saw the walls cracked and the building was trembling.

After the first wave, it quickly came to my mind that a second wave may be coming…. therefore i instructed my wife to pack some important things. I quickly grabbed a sling bag and got all the things we may need to survive the second wave – the rope I used during the days as a scout, my swissarmy knife, belts, bottles of mineral water and (thats all I can recall).

Then we ran downstairs and out of the building….. and quickly find a coconut tree to hang on to…. using the belts and ropes….. and the second wave came and I woke up with my shirt wet of my sweat.

Good morning. I quickly lookout the window and there were sounds of motor vehicles from the highway nearby here. Phew.

Does anyone knows what is the message behind this nightmare? Will there be anything bad gonna happen??